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Mark Mook has been serving in the electrical field since 2003. He got his start working the trades in Wisconsin during high school on weekends and evenings with his father's heating and air conditioning company. Mark says, "I have always been interested in wiring. In high school I wired up numerous speaker systems in vehicles and for fun I re-wired my 1969 Jeep Gladiator so it could be started by toggle switches. It's safe to say wiring has always been in my blood." He recalls a day when he was working with his father's HVAC company, "I looked over at the electricians pulling MC cable and I thought to myself, why don't I do that?" As they say, the rest is history.

Mark, his wife Jessica, and their rescue dogs Lucy and Jack love getting out of town to hike, play in the snow and enjoy the outdoors. If you ever want a good, heartfelt story, just ask Mark how he and his wife met.  

Mark Mook

Founder and Owner / Master Electrician

Meet our Team

- Mark started his business career early on while helping sell sweet corn along the highway with his grandfather, siblings and cousins. He states, "we used the profits to pay for a family fishing trip to Northern Wisconsin that we took every year. We would pick the corn early in the morning while dew was still on the leaves and take it to town to sell. I learned if you want something you must work for it, the more you want it the harder you need to work for it and treat everyone as you want to be treated."

- Growing up in a farm community in Southwest Wisconsin, Mark started working on vehicles at an early age and says, "we would buy old vehicles and work on them, that's what we did for fun. One of my friends once taught me that if grass is growing around a vehicle, it is for sale. Troubleshooting is a fun challenge for me. Several years ago I bought a Jeep that was not running. Prior to buying it, I researched the issues the owner told me about, weighed the risk vs. reward, bought it, got it running and drove it around for the next two years. That, to me, is fun and very rewarding."


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