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Things to Consider...location, location, location

1) Yes, we are all familiar with location when it comes to real estate but, as electricians, we are also aware of location safety with hot tubs and spas.  National electrical code requires metal objects to be bonded to the hot tub if within 5 feet of the hot tub. Why? If someone is sitting inside of the hot tub or spa and they reach out and grab a metal object to get out and if that metal object has voltage present, that individual could get an electrical shock. By bonding that metal object to the hot tub or spa that creates what is called "equipotential bonding," meaning, the hot tub, spa, and surrounding metal objects all have the same electrical potential thereby eliminating the possibility of electrical shock. 

2) Where your electrical panel is located and how the electrical power can be brought to the hot tub makes a considerable difference in pricing. Is there access to an external panel that has available breaker space? Will we need to route power from an interior panel through drywall finished areas that will need patching and painting? Pricing can vary from around $600 to over $1,000 for the electrical alone. During our estimate visit we will review your layout, create a plan, and advise you on not only the positives, but also the 'negatives' because we believe a solid relationship starts with truth and honesty upfront.

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Looking to add a hot tub? Sounds great! Wait, does your electrical panel have the ability to add the hot tub safely? Before purchasing your large powered items, call a qualified electrician to not only provide you with an estimate but who can also confirm your electrical service can handle that additional load. Our electricians at Key Light will do both, free of charge. 

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