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For years it was either a window shaker or central air. But not anymore. Central air is great but what if your home or office does not have a forced air furnace? As times and needs change, so does technology.

Not only can we run power for your new central air compressor, we can also run power for your split AC system. If you have a great HVAC contractor but you're missing an electrician, let us help. We will communicate with your HVAC contractor and take the burden off of you. Call us today so we can help cool off your tomorrow.

It seems every year is little warmer than the last...looking to add air conditioning? Excellent! Wait, does your panel have the ability to add an air conditioning system safely? Before purchasing your large-powered items call a qualified electrician to not only provide you with an estimate but to also confirm that your electrical service can handle that additional load. Call Key Light Electrical and let us help. Our electricians will do both, free of charge. 

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