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underground locating and repair

After tracing out and marking the underground wiring, we use our ground fault locator to induce a current on the wire. 

With our buried line locator, we can trace the wiring or conduits underground and provide a depth reference.

The ground fault locator will detect the are of the damaged wiring with pin-point accuracy.  From there, we will do necessary repairs.

Are you asking yourself, why does my gazebo not have power, why is my post light or outdoor receptacle not working?  Are you having electrical issues in your home or business?  Your issue may not be an issue with the gazebo, post light, outdoor receptacle, or items in your home or business but instead the underground wiring going to it.  At Key Light Electrical, we have the tools to perform a utility locate and ground fault locate so we can pin point area of the damaged wire, thus eliminating the need to retrench and replace the existing wire helping save our customers time and money.